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Stashios - Michele Pennington

February 21, 2023 Michele Pennington Episode 6
Stashios - Michele Pennington
All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt
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All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt
Stashios - Michele Pennington
Feb 21, 2023 Episode 6
Michele Pennington

Join Peggy Hoyt with Michele Pennington, Founder of Stashios. Stashios is a women-owned and run company offering products that stash what pets need in what they love. It is inspired by pets, fueled by fun, and committed to health and wellness.

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Join Peggy Hoyt with Michele Pennington, Founder of Stashios. Stashios is a women-owned and run company offering products that stash what pets need in what they love. It is inspired by pets, fueled by fun, and committed to health and wellness.

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Hello, pet lovers.


Welcome to All My Children Wear Fur Coats.


I'm your host, Peggy Hoyt.


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We are so lucky we get to talk to Michelle Pennington.


She is the founder of Stashios, and this is


an all-woman owned company located in Minnesota.


Welcome to the show, Michelle.


Thank you.


So, you started out as a teacher.


Tell us why you left teaching and


now you're doing cool stuff for animals. Yes.


So I always been an animal lover


my whole life, which is cool.


Went to college to be an elementary school teacher.


Taught in Seattle for eight years and then had my


daughter and moved back to Minneapolis to be closer to


family and stayed home for a little bit and then


went back to teaching and pretty quickly realized that it


was extremely hard for me to give 150% to my


students during the day and then still have anything left


over for my own kids at night and realized that


it just wasn't working out for me.


So, I decided to switch gears and I


retired from teaching and was lucky enough to


kind of get on this other path.


And one thing led to another and here we are.


And I'm running statios.


Alright, so Stashios is kind of a fun name.


How did you come up with that name? Yes.


So Stashios is staffed. We stash things.


We stash things that Pete and what they love.


So, like in our Soothing Sauce, one of


our products, we stash calming ingredients in our


meal appeal, which is a meal topper.


We stash some functional ingredients as well.


And then our wrap-ups, we have


carrots and sweet potatoes in there.


And then you stash their medicine in here.


So everything kind of has a common theme of


stashing what they need and what they love, and


creating products that help you be the best parent


pet parent that you can be.


All right, so I first became acquainted with


your company at Global Pet Expo, and I


was introduced to your Soothing Saucer. Yes.


So the Soothing Saucer was designed with our dog


trainer on staff that's also our product development person.


And she was doing a board and train


with a dog that had severe anxiety.


And out of desperation, she went to the grocery


store, bought a roll on deodorant and baby food.


And she cleaned out the roll on deodorant put baby


food in the roller and sat on the couch during


a thunderstorm, watched a movie as this dog licked this


baby food out of this cleaned-out Deodorant container.


And the dog was totally calm because as


dogs lick, they lick naturally to calm themselves


and at least serotonin as they lick.


And she came into our next team media and said, I


think I have an idea that could really take off.


There's so many dogs with anxiety, especially during COVID


All those dogs were home with their owners, and


now people are going back to work, and it


seems like either everyone has a dog with anxiety


or knows the dog with anxiety right now, unfortunately.


So we decided to go with it.


And the soothing saucer was born. Yes.


So it looks like a flying saucer


with a roller ball in the middle. Yes.


So then you put the soothing sauce in and put


the lid back on and they can lick away. Yes.


They just lick and lick and lick.


And it's adjustable.


So if you have a giant rottweiler, you might


make it a little bit tighter since they have


a bigger tongue and probably stronger tongue.


Or if you have an itty bitty Yorkie, you'd make it


really loose so it's easier for the ball to roll.


And every time the ball rolls, it gets


recoated with the soothing sauce, and they just


lick and lick and lick and lick.


And there's an oring on the bottom so it doesn't


move around your whole kitchen floor as they go.


And dogs just love it.


My dog doesn't have anxiety, but every time I


get this out, if I'm taking pictures or looking


at it for work, she just is super excited


for me to get it ready for her.


And she just loves it as a special treat.


Just as a special treat.


Yeah, she loves it.


And we've heard that groomers have used it


for dogs that are anxious during grooming.


We've heard that vets have used it for exams.


We've heard all kinds of stories of senior dogs that


have missing teeth, are not great jaws to be able


to chew treats, using it as a liquid treat.


We intended it originally for dogs with anxiety, but we've heard


stories of a lot of other ways to use it.


Was that the kind of thing, Michelle, that


you could leave in a crate with a


dog if they had some crate anxiety?


Someone just asked me about this yesterday.


Our neighbor has a puppy and


they were wondering about it.


And I think if you have a smaller dog that's not


prone to destroying things, I think it could be okay.


But I would not leave it in a crate


with a bigger dog that's prone to destroying things.


Because if they're alone and they eat away at it,


I don't want them getting a hold of this supervisor.


Sure. Right. That makes sense.


I think if you know your dog, you can probably


make a decision how well you know your dog.


Like, I could definitely leave this


out for my dog all day.


She doesn't even destroy stuffed toys.


But my yellow Lab Sedona, I would have never been


able to leave this in a crate with her because


she just destroyed everything as quickly as possible.


So I know you were talking about product innovations


and the idea that you might have a product


coming in the future that would be car friendly.


I'm thinking you now need to have one


that's crate friendly that maybe can attach to


the outside of a crate, right.


So that they can't destroy it, because yes.


Imagine some of my dogs who


might destroy something like that, right? Yes.


The Togo version or crate version, maybe. Definitely.


There's a need for it, for sure.


Yeah, that's the soothing saucer.


So I also want to talk about the wrap ups.


They're pretty cool.


It looks like a roll of what is that? Fruit.


Fruit by the foot for kids.


And then you just rip off a little bit and you


wrap it around a pill and give it to me. Yes.


So I try not to give my kids


fruit snacks because I know they cause cavities.


And my husband came home from Costco one day


with a box this big of fruit by the


foot for my kids, and I was so mad.


And I saw my kids unrolling it and


rolling up into a ball and biting it.


I was just so disgusted.


And then it was in that moment that I was like,


that is what we need for dogs, because we just need


something to wrap around it that sticks to it.


That the dog to give the dog as a treat.


And this can hold any size, any shape of pill


for dogs or cats, I was going to say.


And it's good for cats, too, right? Yes.


So we have a food scientist


that helps us formulate things.


So I think it was over.


I mean, it didn't happen quickly,


but over months and months.


And I think it was like 86 different formulations


later, we landed on the perfect formulation, and now


we have cheese, bacon, and peanut butter.


And we're launching a fourth flavor at Global in March.




Very exciting.


All right, so that's the wrap up you mentioned in the


intro, or as we were getting started, the meal appeal.


Tell us. Yes.


So the meal appeal has two different views.


We have allergy and skin and coat, and it's


basically a meal topper for dogs or cats.


And the first ingredient is pumpkin.


So there's pumpkin and then bone broth are


the first two ingredients, which are great.


And it's beef based for all of


those dogs that have a chicken allergy.


Just sprinkle a little bit on their


kibble and they gobble it up.


And my dog, Nala, will not eat her food without


a food topper, which I know is my own fault.


I created the monster.


But her food will sit in her bowl all day,


and she will not eat it until I sprinkle meal


peel on it, and then she'll eat it.


You trained really exactly. Yes.


It is 100% my fault that's the meal peel yeah.


Made with all kinds of great.


It has a short ingredient list,


and they're just simple ingredients.


That's great.


So you mentioned Nala, and I'm going to give


Nala a little shout out here because she is


a first time I've heard of this combination.


But a new pee doodle.


So other variation on the doodle thing.


Yes, she's a big, lazy flip ball.


Yes, she's all about being lazy.


Well, maybe that's an improvement over some of


the doodles that are now ending up in


rescue by the deal because they're too active.


Yes, we got lucky, and I just love her so


much, and she's so great for my family, and my


kids use her as a pillow when they're reading.


It crossed my mind that we should get a second


one, but I thought, let's not push it here.


We got so lucky with this one.


What are the chances that a


second one would be this perfect?


So we're just going to stick with one.


Well, that sounds like a plan.


And then tell us about your soft chews. Yes. Oh, shoot.


I didn't even grab the soft cheese.


So the soft chews have two skews,


hip and joint and skin and coat.


And they're just little bite size bone shape for the hip


and joint and little triangles for the skin and coat.


And we're actually in the midst of reformulating


our soft shoes to have a shorter, better


ingredient panel that will be later this year


because we make almost everything in house, so


we're able to control our ingredients and all.


That, which is part of the reason why we


wanted to bring the manufacturing in house, so that


we would have more control over where our ingredients


come from and what our ingredient panels look like.




All right, so I want you to tell us now.


So moving along to the next cool


product, which is Stash and Dash. Yes.


So the Stash and Dash is training treats on


the go so that you don't have a pocket


full of crumbs when you're training your dog.


So there's a carabiner or a little hook that can either go


on the leash or on your pocket or on your pants.


Bring it to go.


And inside holds two extra sticks and


then one that's kind of in use.


So one click down and then slide it over.


And it's one little treat so that you don't give


your dog too many calories during one training session.


It's like a little mini water bottle


that would hang on your pants there.


Yeah, exactly.


It's perfect for bringing your dog to dog training.


I always keep mine on the lease just in case we


encounter a deer on our walk and my dog needs to


be distracted or I just always keep it on there.


And that comes in both the kit and the refills. Yes.


So the kit comes with ten sticks,


the refill comes with 20 sticks. Awesome.


To get our important dog teeth.




A couple of dental products. Yes.


And actually we're reformulating our


dental sticks as we speak.


That will also be launched.


The new formulation will be launched this year.


Shorter ingredient panel, better ingredients, and also


a smaller size for little dogs, too. Awesome.


Yeah, we're very excited about that.


Yeah, I bet you are.


So you've got a lot of


good information on your, stashiospet.


There's a very interesting blog.


Lots of good information there.


I see that you need an article


on estate planning for your pets.


Yes. Perfect.


Since that is my passion and why I do what


I do now, people can find you online or they


can also find you at retailers throughout the country.




Our website has a store locator.


Just type in your zip code and it will


tell you the nearest store that carries our products.


If you want to see them in person and not order


them on a website, we are coast to coast and if


you are a retailer, they have a way for you to


apply and then tell us about your ambassador program.


What's that?


Yes, if there's an influencer on Facebook or Instagram or


TikTok that wants to use their products in a post,


then they can apply to be a brand ambassador.


So that's just a way for us to make sure that


whoever we partner with, we have similar ideas about the pet


world and that we're partnering with the right people.


Absolutely. Yeah.


One of the things that I know that you're


proud of is that you're woman-owned and run.


Yes, we are very proud of that.


And in the pet world, that's not super common.


And not only are we women-owned and run, but


we manufacture everything here by a crew of women.


So that is also fairly uncommon that not


only are we a pet company, but we


actually, make everything in house also by women. Nice.




And a lot of our manufacturing staff are moms, local moms,


that they get their kids on the bus and then they


come here and they work in the back and they make


a wrap ups and a soothing sauce and our meal appeal


and help with all of the operations in the back.


And then they're kind of out of here by


three to get their kids off the bus.


And everyone's happy, and they're


happy to have flexibility.


And we all kind of just get


it that another kid is in quarantine.


During the COVID era, and they're out and they're going


to work from home, or I've got to leave early


for my kids, or the Donna's appointment, or it's just


nice to work with a bunch of women that just


get it and understand that we're all here to support


each other and we just all really enjoy coming here.


I have another friend who has


a very successful marketing company.


That was their same philosophy.


They hired part-time moms.


Everybody was mom.


It all worked out really well.


I do see that you have a few token men around.


We do have a few, and they are awesome.


Of course, we say that at the law firm


as well because we're four lawyer law firm.


Three of us are women and the


rest of the team is women.


And we have my partner Randy, who is our token mail.


Yeah, it's perfect.


We have a really good team.


And my favorite thing is I try not to


be in my office all day because all the


fun is happening back in the production area.


So I try to get back there as much as possible.


And my favorite thing is when I get


back there is hearing everyone just like, laughing


and chatting and just having a good time.


I love that so much.


Just that everyone loves coming here.


Yeah, it makes it fun to come to work, for sure. Yeah.


Especially being on the other side of when I was teaching


and just kind of like dreading every single day to be


able to come to a space that I love.


And I love everyone that's here and


to have those people have that too.


And sometimes my kids might be taking along and having them


know that when they grow up and get older and enter


the real world, that they should also have that.


You should enjoy where you go every


day and spend all your time.


It shouldn't be a dreadful place, right?


Like too short.


And then you get to do a fun


thing, too, which is make products for pets.


Yes, absolutely.


It's just awesome.


I mean, what could be better than that? Exactly.


All right, so what would you


leave us with here today, Michelle?


I'm just super excited that I got to be


here with you and talk about all the products.


They're all just like my babies, down to


picking which color the bag is going to


be and the layout and the ingredients.


It's just like when you're just at the store


buying things, you don't really think about everything that


went into every product, but somebody thought about what


color it's going to be and how many ounces


it's going to be and all that.


And it's so fun to be a part of that.


And I'm just so thankful that I get


to be with pet people every day and


talk about dogs and it's just awesome fun.


That is fun.


Thank you for joining us and thanks to our listeners.


And be sure to check out


And if you're in the Orlando area or you are a


pet person and you can get into Global Pet Expo.


It is in March every year here in Orlando.


And I'm just so excited to have the opportunity


to share with my listeners new and innovative products.


And thank you, Michelle, for that.


Yeah, thank you.


I can't wait to see you in March.


Yeah, absolutely.


I loved love to tell all


our listeners until there are none.


Please adopt one and don't forget to protect your pet with


a pet trust and we will be here next week. See you then.


Happy day.